Empower Non-Profits With Accounting Expertise

Sargent Certified Public Accountant, LLC, offers comprehensive non-profit accounting services. Nestled in the heart of Klamath County, we specialize in serving non-profit organizations, providing them with a level of service that is both professional and personalized.

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Our Comprehensive Solutions

  • Non-Profit Tax Returns: Navigate non-profit tax returns effortlessly. We maximize benefits while ensuring compliance with your organization's mission.

  • Bookkeeping Services: Delegate day-to-day financial management to us. Our bookkeeping keeps your accounts organized, freeing up time for your mission.

  • Payroll Services: From wage calculations to tax filings, we handle it all. Our payroll services ensure precise and timely employee payments.

  • Audits and Financial Reviews: Our expert team provides thorough and unbiased financial examinations. Ensure transparency and accuracy in your statements.

  • CFO Services: Get on-demand CFO expertise. Our services offer strategic management and financial advisory support for your organization's success.

Strive Toward Success

With Sargent Certified Public Accountant, LLC, you get more than just an accountant. You get a partner dedicated to helping your non-profit succeed. Book an appointment with us today, and let's start working towards your financial success.

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